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We have been buying and selling new and used Compaq / Digital equipment since 1982.

We pride ourselves on our superb knowledge, skill and expertise regarding this product. We are able to offer product knowledge, technical knowledge and licences. We can also provide you with information and guidance concerning upgrades.

We are able to supply most items of hardware and software to upgrade or maintain your system.

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DEWTRFA DEC Routeabout access tw
DEWTRMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DEX1BDA DEC Routeabout access isdn multi-port
DEX1CFA DEC Routeabout access isdn ip
DEX1DA3 DEC Server
DEX1DDE DEC routeabout acces
DEX1DDX DEC Routeaboiut access isdn - mp ethernet/bas
DEX1EFE DEC Routeabout access isdn - ip ethernet
DEX1EFZ DEC Routeabout access isdn - ip ethernet
DEX1RA3 DEC Routeabout access es - ethernet to wide area router
DEX1RFE DEC Routeabout access es sync/async single p
DEX1RFX DEC Routeabout access es sync/async single
DEX1RFY DEC Routeabout access es sync/async single po
DEX1SFA DEC Routeabout access sync/async single port router
DEX2RDA DEC Routeabt accs ew
DEX2RFA DEC routeabt accs ew ip us/can/ja - openbox
DEX2RM DEC Routeabout access ew
DEX2RMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DEX2RTE DEC Rtabt acc ewip stack
DEX2RZ DEC Routeabout access e
DEXBRFA DEC Routeabout access router
DEXBRM DEC Route about access ei
DEXBRMA DEC Routeabt accs ei mp hub
DEXBRMB DEC Routeabout access ei ip s/w (DEC hub use)
DEXBRT3 DEC Routeabout access ei wan to lan detrx st
DEXBRTZ DEC Rtabt acc ei ip stack aus/nz
DEXBRZ DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DEXYAAA DEC 100 base tx mmi (modular media interface) utp-5 rj-45
DEXYUAA DEC 100 base tx mmi (modular media interface) utp-5 rj-45
DEZ8RP DEC Routeabout
DEZBRMF DEC Base routeabout
DEZBRSB DEC Rtabt centr ei ip8mb/no lic no soft./DECbox
DEZPAMC DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DEZPRMB DEC Routeabout central ep 2 ethernat 4 t1/e1 serial ports
DEZPRMC DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DF02AA DEC Refurbished Item
DF03AA DEC Refurbished Item
DF03AC DEC Refurbished Item
DF03HA DEC Refurbished Item
DF100DT DEC Refurbished Item
DF100ST DEC Refurbished Item
DF112AM DEC Refurbished Item
DF124CM DEC Refurbished Item
DF126AM DEC Refurbished Item
DF127AM DEC Refurbished Item
DF129AM DEC Refurbished Item
DF196DM DEC Refurbished Item
DF212CA DEC Refurbished Item
DF224AA DEC Refurbished Item
DF242CA DEC Refurbished Item
DF296DA DEC Refurbished Item
DFA01AA DEC Refurbished Item
DFD01AA DEC Dsu/csu multirate desktop
DFM04AA DEC Refurbished Item
DFM04AC DEC Refurbished Item
DFMAXDA DEC Refurbished Item
DFMSAAA DEC Refurbished Item
DFMSABA DEC Refurbished Item
DFMXX8E DEC Refurbished Item
DFMZABA DEC Refurbished Item
DFMZAKA DEC 100 mux server rack mount kit
DFMZAKE DEC Country kits only
DGBGAAA DEC Gigaswitch/ethernet system (chassis 400w pwr)
DGBGAAB DEC Gs/e system scp & 1 power supply
DGBGAAC DEC gs/e system 1 power supply 240v
DGBGFAA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGBGIAA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGBGLAA DEC Gs/e 2port gigabit ethernet - lx
DGBGMAA DEC Gs/e supervisory memory upgrade
DGBGPAA DEC Gs/e 400w power supply
DGBGPAB DEC Gigaswitch/ethernet 400w 120v pwr sup
DGBGQAA DEC Gs/e switch control module
DGBGRAA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGBGSAA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGBGTAA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGCPAUA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGLPAFA DEC Pci atm adapter
DGLPAUA DEC Pci atm card
DGLPLFA DEC Pci/atm adapter
DGLSLFA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGSRAAA DEC Gs/router 8 slot chasis
DGSRABA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGSRCBB DEC Gs/r 128mb switch control pr
DGSRFAB DEC Line card- 8port fast ethernet-fx 16mb
DGSRLAA DEC Gs/r 2-port gb/e-lx 4mb lncrd
DGSRLAB DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGSRPAA DEC Pwr sply- gigaswitch/router120/240v autoswitch
DGSRPAB DEC Gs/r 16 slot power supply
DGSRSAB DEC Line card- 2-port gigabit ethernet-sx 16mb
DGSRSBB DEC Gs/r 16mb 2port 1000base sx
DGSRTAA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DGSRTAB DEC Linecard- 8-port fast ethernet-tx 16mb linecard
DGSRUAA DEC Gs/r 128mb mem upgrade fo
DH11 DEC Mux
DHB32M DEC Refurbished Item
DHQ11M DEC Refurbished Item
DHT32 DEC Refurbished Item
DHT80AA DEC Ds5100 8-line asynch option
DHU11AA DEC Refurbished Item
DHV11AA DEC Refurbished Item
DHV11MCAM DEC Camington dhv11-m
DHW41AA DEC Refurbished Item
DHW41AAINC DEC 8 async dataline ada
DHW42AA DEC Refurbished Item
DHW42BA DEC 16 DEC 423 line
DHW42BAINC DEC 16 line asyn no ext
DHW42CA DEC 8 asynchronous lines
DIGITAL2600 DEC Dataphone ii
DIGTIALLA210 DEC Dot printer
DJML200CA DEC 8mbyte pci prestoserve option
DL100ENCORE DEC Dl100/multiplexer 4port / lnk
DL11M DEC Refurbished Item
DL11W DEC Refurbished Item
DLE22MA DEC 10baset 24-port rj45
DLE23MA DEC ms700et mod 24pt 10 baset
DLE28MA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLE32MA DEC ms700ee mod 24pt rj45
DLE33MA DEC ms700et mod 24pt rj21 10bt
DLE49MA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLE52MA DEC Mlti-swtch 700- digital 10/100 ethernet 16port
DLM6CAA DEC Ms 700 5 slot chassis
DLMFEA3 DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLMFEAA DEC multiswitch 300 8port 10/100 module
DLMFEAZ DEC 10t/100tx 8port switch
DLMFEFX DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLMFESM DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLMFETX DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLMFETX06 DEC 10/100 base tx for multi switch 300
DLMR2MA DEC Stackable multiswitch hub 624t 24port 10bas-t
DLMT1MA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLMT2MA DEC Multiswitch fast ethernet
DLMWLM06 DEC Hub - multi switch 623ex 12port 10/100 bt
DLMWLMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLMWLMA DEC Digital equipment corporation DEC dlmwl-ma02 multiswitch
DLMWLTX DEC Multiswitch 612ex(dlmwl-ma)packaged w/10
DLSCCM4 DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLSSMM DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLSSMM06 DEC Hub manager - 2/rj45 - 1 coax - 1 aui port multswitch 600 stack director
DLSSMM3 DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLSSMMA DEC Digital equipment corporation DEC dlssm-ma02 multiswitch
DLSSMSA DEC Multiswitch 600 stack
DLSSMSX DEC Multiswitch 600 stack director contains
DLSSUM06 DEC 1/rj45 hub expansion multswitch 600 stack station
DLSSUMA DEC Multistack 600 stack station
DLSSUMA DEC Digital equipment corporation DEC dlssu-ma02 multiswitch 600 stackstation
DLSSUU3 DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLT27305LT DEC 7000 leader tape
DLT4000TH DEC 4000 tape head
DLT7000LOADERDEC DEC Dlt7000 35-70gb se dlt7000 loader by quantum th6ae-yp
DLT7000TH DEC Tape head
DLV11E DEC Refurbished Item
DLV11M DEC Refurbished Item
DLXAUMA DEC 10base5 mm-10 modular media interface
DLXFIMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLXFLMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLXFXMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLXR1MA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLXRIMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DLXTXMA DEC Digital equipment corporation DEC dlxtx-ma 100 base tx uplink module
DLXUTMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DM308A DEC Refurbished Item
DM308AA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DM308AB DECmux 300 8 ports r
DM316AA DEC Refurbished Item
DM316ABINC DECmux 300 16 line
DM316B DEC Refurbished Item
DM332B DEC Mux 300 rev c01 w/cover
DM332BA DEC Refurbished Item
DMB32M DEC W/lm cab kit (t20120
DMC11AL DEC Refurbished Item
DMC11MD DEC Refurbished Item
DMC11R DEC Refurbished Item
DMF32 DEC Refurbished Item
DMHUBA3 DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DMHUBAA DEC W/ brackets w/h7894
DMHUBAE DEC Multiswitch 900 backplane + 1 psu
DMHUBMA DEChub 900 multiswitch
DMHUBMB DEC Refurbished Item
DMHUBMB06 DEC Hub - vn multi switch 900
DMI32M DEC Refurbished Item
DMR11M DEC W/m8203/m8207-ra/bc085-01
DMV11A DEC Refurbished Item
DMV11M DEC Refurbished Item
DMV11N DEC Refurbished Item
DMV11SA DEC Refurbished Item
DMZ32M DEC Refurbished Item
DN51HABEA DEC As4100 vms license
DNBC4TA DEC Hydra cable 4xv35 for dnbc4
DNBE1BB DEC E-1 75ohm 16 signaling channels
DNBT1BA DEC T1 100ohm pci ctrl
DNSABAA DEC Refurbished Item
DNSABBA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSACAA DECnis atmcontroller 631/t3 bnc
DNSACAM DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSACAS DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSACBA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSAEAA DEC Refurbished Item
DNSAEBA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSAFMM DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSAFMN DEC fddicontroller 621 sas multimode
DNSAFMS DEC fddicontroller 621 das multi/single
DNSAFSM DECnis fddi das single/multi
DNSAFSN DEC fddicontroller 621 sas singlemode
DNSAFSS DEC fddicontroller 621 das singlemode
DNSAMAH DEC Refurbished Item
DNSANAD DEC Refurbished Item
DNSANAHDAM DECnis high performa
DNSANBH DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSBACC DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSBACD DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSBEBC DEC Refurbished Item
DNSBECC DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSBECD DECnis 500-spx base system 4mb flash/16mb dram
DNSBEDD DEC Refurbished Item
DNSBNAH DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSBNUH DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSCAAB DEC wancontroller 618 v.35 pkg.
DNSCBAA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSCBAB DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSCBAC DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSCBBA DEC wancontroller 622/hs x21ll pkg.
DNSCBBB DEC wancontroller 622/hs v.35 pkg.
DNSDBBC DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DNSXAAD DEC Refurbished Item
DNSXBAD DEC Refurbished Item
DNSXHAC DECnis panel
DNSXHBX DECnis panel
DPV11M DEC Refurbished Item
DPV11SA DEC Refurbished Item
DRS11 DEC 76-30083-b
DRS11XA DEC 76-30087-00
DRSVWYC DEC 16port server 700 in box
DRV11J DEC Refurbished Item
DRV11L DEC M7941
DRV11WA DEC Refurbished Item
DRV1JSA DEC Refurbished Item
DRV1JSASF DEC Sbox parallel interf
DS35XRD DEC Rackmount hardware
DS5100 DEC 230zm-xx ultrix license
DSB32M DEC Refurbished Item
DSBA356JD DEC Storage works shelf
DSBA356JE DEC Ultra dual chan shelf
DSBA356JG DEC Ultra ba356 for tlaser add on
DSBA356RC DEC 7 dev se i/o blw blu rtm
DSBA356SD DEC Storageworks shelf i
DSBA35XBD DEC Batter back up for hzx70/80
DSBA35XEB DEC Pcb: emu
DSBA35XFA DEC Xp1000/500
DSBA35XFB DEC Ultra scsi split bus modu
DSBA35XHH DEC Ra 8000/12000 180watt hp power supply
DSBA35XHJ DEC 180w dc power supply blue
DSBA35XMN DEC Single/ended i/o module-ba370
DSBA370AA DEC Ultra drive shelf
DSBA370AS DEC Computer part
DSDHGGBAA DEC Fiber channel storage hub 12
DSDSGGAAA DEC Fibre switch-8 port optical
DSDSGGAAB DEC Fibre switch-16 port optical
DSDWZZCDA DEC Refurbished Item
DSDWZZCDAI DEC Fast 20 scsi bus exp
DSDWZZH21 DEC Scsi hub 2 se:1 dif 3.5 sbb
DSDXGGA DEC Gbic module (sw)
DSDXGGASA DEC Short wave optical gbic
DSDXGK1SA DEC Fc 3 gbic connection kit
DSEZ454VW DEC Refurbished Item
DSEZ705VW DEC Ds-ez705-vw 536mb solidstate 5.25sw
DSEZ716VW DEC ds-ez716-vw 1.4gb solid state
DSF32AA DEC Refurbished Item
DSH32BA DEC 54-18905-01
DSH32BAINC DEC 8 line synch 1 x asy
DSH32M DEC Refurbished Item
DSHSDIMAA DEC Spares for 32mb dimm mem m
DSHSDIMAB DEC 64mb cache memory upg kit for hsx80
DSHSDIMAC DEC Memory channel
DSHSG80AJ DEC Hsg80 with 128 cache
DSHSG80BK DEC Hsg80 w/256
DSHSGLMAA DEC 2 optical glm upgrade
DSHSJ80AJ DEC Ultra personality module single channel controller
DSHSSIMAB DEC Refurbished Item
DSHSZ70AH DEC Ult scsi controlr 64mb cache
DSHSZ80AJ DEC Storage controller scsi
DSKGPSABC DEC 2gb disk drive
DSKGPSACA DEC 64bit fc hba t64/vms
DSL11B DEC M8035-yd
DSP3053 DEC Quantum 535mg 3 1/2 3h
DSP3053LCOM DEC 535mb 3.5 scsi for
DSP3053LDEC DEC 535mb 3.5 scsi - DEC
DSP3053ORL DEC hard drive
DSP3105L DEC Refurbished Item
DSP3105S DEC Refurbished Item
DSP31060 DEC Scsi hard drive
DSP3133L DEC Digital 1.2gb 3.5hh 50p scsi
DSP3210CORE DEC 2.1g 3.5 hh scsi - c
DSP3210RH20EAA DEC 1 x new
DSP5200 DEC Digital scsi 5.25
DSP5300S DEC Drive
DSP5350S DEC 3.5gb scsi2 50pin 5.25fh
DSP5400S DEC dsp5400s 5.1gb hdd
DSRRD45AB DEC 600mb cd rom drive w/white
DSRRD47VU DEC 32x scsi cdrom 5.25 sbb
DSRS5BB DECserver for 3964 p
DSRUGAA DECserver 90 l+ used
DSRVAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVAAB DECserver 100 with s
DSRVAABINC DECserver 100 100/24
DSRVBA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVBAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVBAB DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRVBB DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVBBB DEC Tml:server:ds200/dl
DSRVBBBINC DECserver 200 rs423
DSRVCA2 DEC DECrouter 200
DSRVCAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVCAB DECrouter 200
DSRVCABINC DEC D/ser.200 rep 8 line
DSRVDAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVDM DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVDMA DECserver 90l no ps
DSRVEA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVEMA DECserver 90tl 8 por
DSRVEMD01 DECserver 90tl need switch
DSRVFBA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVFBB DECserver 300 /dsrvf-ba
DSRVFBBINC DECserver 300 100/2
DSRVGAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVGAZ DEC Dsrvg-m australia h7082-ab h0342-aa doc
DSRVGMA DEC Tml:server:ds90l+
DSRVHA3 DEC Rom upgrade kit for
DSRVHAA DECserver 90m us/can/jap 120v
DSRVHAE DECserver 90m
DSRVHD3 DECserver 90m 8port network access server
DSRVHM DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRVHMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRVHN DECserver 90m
DSRVHNA DECserver 90m w/flash opti
DSRVHRAN DECserver 90 with flash and power supply- new
DSRVJA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVJDA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVNPA DECserver 90
DSRVPA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVPAA DEC Com device
DSRVPAB DECserver 250 (uk va
DSRVPABINC DECserver 250 100/24
DSRVRAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVRAAAB DECrouter 250 120/24
DSRVRAAABI DECrouter 250 120/24
DSRVSAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVSCA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVSCY DECserver 550
DSRVSDA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVWAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVWCA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRVWDA DEC Server:DECsvr 700-16 (dsrvw-d*
DSRVWEC DEC server commuNICation server
DSRVWGAN DECserver 700 16port with power supply- new
DSRVWYA DEC Ds svr 700-8
DSRVWYC DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRVWZA DECserver 700-08
DSRVWZC DECserver 700-16
DSRVXMA DECserver 900mc w modems
DSRVYM DECserver 900gm 32-port telco
DSRVYMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRVZMA DECserver 900tm
DSRVZN DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRWYCAO1 DEC 110v-240v
DSRZ1BABS DEC 2.1gb ultra wide scsi hdd
DSRZ1BBCS DEC 2.1gb disk drive
DSRZ1BBSB DEC Disk drive
DSRZ1BBVW DEC scsi 3.5 hard disk storageworks carrier
DSRZ1CBCA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZ1CBCS DEC 4.3gb 1 7200rpm
DSRZ1CBNT DEC 4.3gb 7200rpm for
DSRZ1CBVH DEC 4.3gb 7200rpm 16bit bit ultrascsi
DSRZ1CBVW DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZ1CDCS DEC 4500/3.5 3h/scsi-sca
DSRZ1CDVW DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZ1CFVA DEC 4.3gb 7200rpm stor
DSRZ1CFVW DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRZ1DBCS DEC 9.1gb 3.5 hh scsi-sca
DSRZ1DBVW DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZ1DDSB DEC 9100/3.5 3h/scsi-sca
DSRZ1DDVW DEC Sw 9.1gb 10k hdd
DSRZ1DDWA DEC 9.1gb 10 000rpm disk drive
DSRZ1DFVA DEC ds-rz1df-va 9.1gb 80pin narrow
DSRZ1DFVW DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZ1EAVW DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRZ1EDVW DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DSRZ1EFEB DEC 18gb scsi hdd
DSRZ1EFVA DEC Ds-rz1ef-va 18.2gb uscsi sbb blue
DSRZ1EFVW DEC Retail 18gb 7200rpm wide ultra3 hdd
DSRZ1FBVW DEC Ds-rz1fb-vw 36.4gb ultra2 sbb sca
DSRZ23EFWA DEC 18gb 10k disk drive
DSRZ26NVZ DEC ds-rz26n-vz wide
DSRZ28LVA DECrz28lva 2.1gb dirve
DSRZ28MVZ DEC 2.1gb scsi w/ cannister retail box
DSRZ28VW DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZ29BVW DEC 4.3gb pluggable
DSRZ29LVA DEC Rz29 disk
DSRZ2DASB DEC 9gb u2hdd 7200rpmsca
DSRZ2DAWA DEC Disq DEC 9 go hot plug 7200
DSRZ2DD16 DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZ2EASB DEC 18gb u2hdd 7200rpm sca
DSRZ2EAWA DEC 18gb u2hdd 7200rpm 68pin
DSRZ2ED16 DEC Hard drive 18.2gb 10k u2 pl
DSRZ3EFWA DEC 18gb 10 000 rpm disk drive
DSRZ40VA DEC Hard drive sbb 9gb 7200rpm
DSRZABA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZABB DEC Muxserver 100
DSRZCA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZCAB DEC Muxserver 300
DSRZCB DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZCBB DEC Muxserver 310 240vol
DSRZCBBINC DEC Muxserver 310 240vol
DSRZDA DEC Refurbished Item
DSRZDAA DEC Muxserver 380
DSRZEAB DEC Muxserver 320
DSRZEABINC DEC Muxserver 320 no sk
DSRZFA DEC Muxserver 90
DSS11 DEC 76-30081-a
DSS11X DEC 76-30085-a
DSSSL14R1 DEC Starlight14 rackmount
DSSSL14RM DEC Raid 4214 rck
DSSW600XB DEC Refurbished Item
DSSWQ42XP DEC Rack mountable pwr distribution unit-low voltage
DSSWQ42XQ DEC Rack mountabl pwr distribution unit - high voltage
DSSWXDRAA DEC Scsi disaster recovery
DSSWXESBB DEC Esa 10000 2x ba370 4 x hsz70 ctrls
DSSWXESGB DEC E12k ul 1chs 2-z80 blu 50hz
DSSWXHB07 DEC Unmanaged fc 7port hub
DSSWXKTEA DEC Sun svr ultra 3 uwd port connect kit
DSSWXRAGKI DEC Raid array 3000 rack
DSSWXRAHA DEC Raid array- strgwrks 7000 u-scsi dual ctrlr config.
DSSWXRAHC DEC Raid array 7000 - 1 x hsz
DSSWXRAKA DEC Storageworks raid array 7000d- kit
DSSWXRAKC DEC Ra7000 single fc system 128mb
DSSWXRAMH DEC Ra8000- pede 1 hsg80 dom opal dual ctrlr kit
DSSWXRAMR DEC Ra 8000 rackmount expansion cabinet 24 slot
DSSWXRAW0 DEC Raid array 450 - 1 x hsz5
DSSWXRAW4 DEC Ba355 storageworks
DSSWXRAWO DEC Swk raid array 450 subsystem
DSTL890NE DEC 16 slot exp cab w/o drv rm
DSTL891NE DEC 350/700 gb 10-cartridge
DSTL892UA DEC 10 slot tz80 tape library
DSTLZ10DB DEC Dat drive
DSTPPAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSTRPAE DEC Rapid print 500 with
DSTRPBY DEC Rapid print 500
DSTZ89N DEC Dstz89n (blue) compaq labeled th6ae
DSTZ89NAV DEC 35/70 gb tape drive upgrade
DSTZ89NBY DEC tz89n-by 35/70gb se scsi int.
DSTZ89NTA DEC 35/70gb tabletop dlt dri
DSTZ89NVW DEC Tape drive 35/70gb dlt sbb internal
DSTZS20AA DEC Digital ds-tzs20-aa ait1 25/50gb 8mm int.
DSTZS20DB DEC Tape drive 25/50gb ait external unit
DSV11M DEC Refurbished Item
DSV11SA DEC Refurbished Item
DSV3325DX DEC Vga pci s3 virge/dx trio 2mb with sound expertcolor
DSVRAAA DEC Refurbished Item
DSVRBA2 DEC server 200
DSVRBB DEC Refurbished Item
DSW41AA DEC Rs232 for mv3100/30
DSW41AAINC DEC Rs232 for mv3100/30
DSW42AA DEC Refurbished Item
DSW42AAINC DEC Rs232 syncronous lo
DSW9088 DEC Ctc
DTA0001IB DEC Fddi probe 7101/et/8
DTA0001RF DEC 650mb 2x/4x cd recor
DTC01AA DEC Refurbished Item
DTC03AA DEC Refurbished Item
DTC03AM DEC Refurbished Item
DTC03BOX DEC Refurbished Item
DTC05SA DEC Refurbished Item
DTC08AA DEC Digital DECtalk express speech
DTMAUAEINC DEC Dtmau-ae no h7082 p
DTMAUMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DTMXMM DEC Refurbished Item
DTMXMMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DTQAU DEC Logic card
DTRORMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DTROSMAUN DECrepeater 900sl hu
DU11 DEC Refurbished Item
DU130 DEC Refurbished Item
DU51MT1A9 DECsystem 5100 cpu
DU55HT1A9 DEC Sys unix 5500 system
DUP11DA DEC Refurbished Item
DUP11M DEC Refurbished Item
DUV11M DEC Refurbished Item
DV11DA DEC Refurbished Item
DV1670ACUP DEC External psu
DV31BTBAIN DEC 3100/20 cpu no dri
DV31DTAA9 DEC Cpu distribution car
DV31DTAXXI DEC 3100/10e rz24 ms42
DV31ESAXX DEC Vax 3100
DV31ETAXX DEC 3100/20e cpu(ka41-a
DV31FAAB9 DEC Mv3100 mod 30 + rz23
DV31FAAXX DEC 3100/30 cpu (54-206
DV31FAAXZ DEC 3100/30. 8mb 1-2 us
DV31GAAC9 DEC Ds10 600mhz system
DV31GAAXX1 DEC 3100/40
DV31GAAXX3 DEC 3100/40
DV31GAAXXT DEC 3100/40 cpu(ka45-aa
DV31HAAXX DEC Vax 3100/80
DV31HT1A2 DEC Sys vax 3100/80 system
DV31JAAC9 DEC Mv3100-40 system
DV31JAAXX DEC 3100/85 cpu(ka55-aa
DV31JAAXXI DEC 3100/85 box only no
DV31JAAXXT DEC 3100/85 box only ps
DV31JCAAAI DEC 3100/85 cpu (ka55-
DV31PAAC9 DEC Mv3100-85 system
DV31PAATYPE DEC 3100/90 cpu(ka50-a o
DV31RAAC9 DEC Mv3100-90 system
DV31RAAE9I DEC 3100/95 cpu (ka51-a
DV31RAATYPE DEC 3100/95 cpu(ka51-a o
DV31RAAXX DEC 3100/95 cpu(ka51-a o
DV31RAAXXT DEC 3100/95 cpu (ka51-a
DV31SAAE9 DEC Microvax 3100-96 complete
DV31SCCEA DEC Mv3100-95
DV3300 DEC Cpu (ka640) t
DV3400 DEC Microvax / cpu(k
DV380 DEC Box cpu(ka655-aa) t
DV3800TYPE1 DEC Microvax 3800 no cp
DV3800TYPE2 DEC Microvax 3800 box on
DV390T1AE DEC Microvax 3900. tk70
DV4050XXIN DEC Mvax 4200 box only
DV415AAE9T DEC 4000/105a cpu(ka53-
DV415AAXX DEC Vax 4105
DV415CCE9 DEC Vax 4100
DV416AAXX DEC Vax 4106
DV418CDF9 DEC Vax 4108 128mb memory 2gb disk cdrom dual kfdd (dual dssi cont) hsd10-eb vms base unlimited dn cluster
DV41MAAC9 DEC Vax4000-100a DEC mv4100 16mb single dssi vms base
DV41MAAE9 DEC Mv3100-98
DV41MAAEBI DEC 4100a cpu( ka52-aa
DV41MAAXX DEC 4100 cpu(ka52-a or 5
DV41MAAXXD DEC 4100/100. damaged co
DV41MAAXXTY DEC 4100/100. no cpu(ka5
DV41MCAXX DEC 4000/100anodisc/cdro
DV41MCAXXT DEC 4000/100a cpu (ka52
DV42HT1A3I DEC 4200 system tk70-aa
DV42HT1TYPE DEC 4000-200 system tk70
DV43JT1B9 DEC Vax 4300 64mb memo
DV43JT1TYPE DEC 4300. cpu(ka670-aa)
DV43JTIAX DEC Vax 4300
DV44LAAXX DEC Rackmount 4400 incl
DV44XXXXX DEC Vax 4400/400 cpu(ka
DV45JAAE9 DEC Vax 4000-500 base system 64mb
DV45JAATYPE DEC Vax 4500 cpu(ka680-
DV45JAAXX DEC Vax 4000/500 cpu (k
DV45JAAXXT DEC Vax 4000/500 cpu (k
DV46JA1A9I DEC Vax 4000/600. no cpu
DV46JEAXX DEC Vax 4000/600a cpu (
DV46JEAXX1 DEC With licences
DV46JT1F9I DEC Vax 4000/600 no cpu
DV47AFABOX DEC 4705a box cp
DV47AFCFA DEC Vax4000/705a 128mb 2.1gb
DV47JEAE9 DEC Vax 4700a cpu(ka692
DV47LHAXX DEC Rackmount vax 4700a
DVNCCMA DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
DVNEAMX DEC Vnswitch 900ea 12 10t+modatm
DVNEEMA DEC Vnswitch 900ee 24port 10 base-t
DVNEFMM DEC Vnswitch 900ef 12 10t+mmffddi
DVNEFMX DEC Vnswitch 900fa modfddi+modatm
DVNEXMX DEC Vnswitch 900ex 12 10t+2 md100
DVNFAMX DEC Vnswitch 900ea 12 10t+modatm
DVNXXMX DEC Vnswitch 900xx 4 mod100
DW110AA DEC Protean isa interfa
DW780AA DEC Refurbished Item
DWBUAM DEC Refurbished Item
DWEARA3 DEC wan router standalone ve
DWLMAAA DEC Vax 7000 option
DWLPAAA DEC Pci plug in unit for as8400
DWLPBAA DEC Pci plug in unit
DWLPBBA DEC Pci plug in unit (piu) *1st for sys cab
DWLPBDA DEC Gs60e pci shelf-retma mount
DWMBA DEC T1043 xmi to bi adapter
DWMBAA DEC Refurbished Item
DWMBAAA DEC Bi internal expansio
DWZZA DEC Scsi-2 to fwd scsi-2
DWZZAAA DEC Refurbished Item
DWZZAVA DEC Refurbished Item
DWZZBMA DEC Scsi signal converter
DWZZBVW DEC Scsi single converte
DY241D1B4 DEC Es40 833mhz systems
DY251P1A9 DEC A2000 200mhz system
DY251P1F94 DEC Alphaserver 2100
DY251P1F9I DEC Alphaserver 2100 4/2
DY251P1H9I DEC Xxx alphaserver 2100
DY251PIXX DEC Alpha server
DY252P1F9 DEC Alphaserver 2100 ba740-b9
DY252P1XX DEC Alphaserver 2100 4/2
DY252W1JX DEC As2100 r/m
DY253P1XX DEC Alphaserver 2100 5/2
DY253Y1XX DEC Alphaserver 2100a 5
DY254S1J9I DEC Alphaserver 2100a 5
DY254S1XXT DEC Alphaserver 2100a 5
DY291BUYV DEC A2100 200mhz system
DY292GFCA DEC Alpha 8400 upgrade open vms
DY416CCE9 DEC Vax4105a
DY45JEAE9 DEC Vax 4106a
DY46JEAE9 DEC Vax 4500 system
DY47JEAE9 DEC Vax 4600 system
DY51FABXX DEC Alphaserver 4100
DY51HABXX DEC Alphaserver no cpu
DY51HABXXI DEC Alphaserver 4100 5/4
DY51HACXXI DEC Alphaserver 4100 5/4
DY51KADEAI DEC Alphaserver 4100 5/5
DY52HABEC DEC Vms alpha 440mhz system
DY52JABXX DEC 4100 rackmount
DY54KHCCA DEC A2100 vms system
DY56PAADA DEC A1200/500 vms system
DY62BAADA DEC Ds20e system 667mhz
DY62CAADA DEC Vax 4700 system
DY64AAADA DEC Model es40 66mhz system
DY64BAA DEC Es40 6/667mhz mode
DY64CAADA DEC Es40 833mhz systems
DY71AAADA DEC Es40 system 800mhz
DZ11A DEC Refurbished Item
DZ11C DEC Refurbished Item
DZ11CDE DEC Uni bus
DZ11M DEC Refurbished Item
DZ11N DEC Refurbished Item
DZV11M DEC Refurbished Item
E2034AA DEC Turbolaser terminator
E2034AB DEC Turbolaser/8200 term
E2035AA DEC 1gb mem modle
E2040AA DEC Refurbished Item
E2040YA DEC Refurbished Item
E2043BA DEC Processor board
E2043CA DEC Refurbished Item
E2044AA DEC Vax 7xxx input/outpu
E2045AA DEC Lasernvaxprocmod(neon) 4m
E2046AA DEC Memory 512mb vax7000
E2052AA DEC Sys i/o module w/4 i/o chanls
E2054AA DEC Turbo laser i/o port
E2056CA DEC Turbolaser 8400 5/30
E2056DA DEC Turbolaser 8200 dual
E2057AA DEC Refurbished Item
E2058AA DEC Board
E2058DA DEC Vax 7710 cpu
E2061DA DEC Dual 5/350 cpu
E2062DA DEC Vax 7700 processor
E2063DA DEC Turbolaser dual cpu with lic.
E2063DB DEC Asvr gs60/140 smp mod wnt
E2065DA DEC Turbolaser dual 625mhz cpu
E2820 DEC Call for stock digital cd-rom 8x
E4GMHB DEC Thermistor
EA304305102 DEC Digital hinote cs 475 b/pack
EB23657DP DEC Mnl arch pdp-11
EBM23AC DEC Alpha 5/500 picmg sbc wnt srv
EBM55AA DEC 450mhz PIII 512k cache
EBP20AA DEC Alphapciboardat/nt/chip
EBP20BA DEC Alpha pci board ps2/nt/chip
EBP22CA DEC Axppci33/233 arc nps2con
EBPXMAE DEC 128mb 36-bit 70ns memsimm
EBV12AD DEC Alpha axp vme 160
EF51RAF DEC We repair 107mb dssi ssd with data rete
EF52RAF DEC We repair 205mb dssi solid state disk drive
EF53RAF DEC We repair 267mb dssi solid state disk drive
EK00861IP DEC 861 pwr cont ipb
EK00874IP DEC Mnl ipb pwr ctl 874
EK01103IP DEC Ipb pdp-11/03
EK01123IP DEC Mnl ipb
EK01144IP DEC Mnl unit assy
EK01170IP DEC Mnl ipb 11/70 16bit cp
EK0LP11TM DEC Mnl lp11/la11 t
EK0TA79TM DEC Mnl tu78 tech vol 2
EK0TM78TM DEC Mnl tm78 tech
EK0TM78UG DEC Mnl user guide tm78
EK0TU78PS DEC Mnl tu78 pocket
EK11070MM DEC Mnl maint 11/70
EK11751UG DEC Mnl 11/751 user
EK11780UG DEC Mnl hdware 780
EK11785UG DEC Mnl 785 hdware
EK1184AIP DEC Mnl ip
EK1184AMG DEC Mnl sys maint
EK1TU77TM DEC Mnl tu77 tech v
EK23BMBTM DEC Mnl tech mtg box
EK2TU77TM DEC Mnl tu77-tech v
EK750YAUG DEC Mnl. self maint
EK780EHTD DEC Mnl ms780-e/h d
EKBA11MIP DEC Ipb ba11-m mtg
EKBA11NIP DEC Mn mtg box ba11
EKBA123IP DEC Mnl ipb ba123-1
EKCI750TD DEC Mnl tech ci750
EKCI750UG DEC Mnl user ci750
EKCI780TD DEC Mnl ci780 tech
EKCI780UG DEC Mnl user ci780
EKCIVAXRM DEC Mnl ci750/780 r
EKCPL12PS DEC Mnl serv guide
EKDECSAIN DEC Mnl enet insta
EKDECSAOP DEC Mnl enet ops/m
EKDECSASP DEC Mnl enet site
EKDELNIIN DEC Mnl owner install
EKDELNIIP DEC Mnl ipb delni
EKDELNITM DEC Mnl eithernet t
EKDEQNAUG DEC Mnl user guide
EKDERMNUG DEC packetprobe user
EKDEUNATM DEC Mnl deuna tech
EKDEUNAUG DEC Guide deuna use
EKDEXRMIN DEC Mnl rackmount o
EKDHU11TM DEC Mnl tech
EKDHV11TM DEC Mnl maint
EKDL11WOP DEC Mnl ipb dl11
EKDM3PAIN DEC Mnl install g
EKDMF32RM DEC Mnl dmf32 maint
EKDMF32UG DEC Mnl guide dmf32 use
EKDR750RM DEC Mnl dr750 refer
EKDR750UG DEC Mnl dr750 user
EKDR780TD DEC Mnl tech dr780
EKDR780UG DEC Mnl dr780 user
EKDS780TD DEC Mnl tech 11/780
EKDS780UG DEC Mnl user 11/780
EKDUP11MM DEC Mnl maint
EKDW750IN DEC Mnl inst dw750
EKDW750TD DEC Mnl tech dw750
EKDW780TD DEC Mnl tech dw780
EKDZ110TM DEC Mnl tech dz11
EKDZ110UG DEC Mnl users guide dz11
EKE1170MC DEC Mnl con commands
EKFP11CMM DEC Mnl users
EKFP730TD DEC Mnl tech fp730
EKFP750IN DEC Mnl ins g fp750
EKFP750RM DEC Mnl refer fp750
EKFP780TD DEC Mnl tech fp780
EKFP785TD DEC Mnl fp785 tech
EKH4000TM DEC Mnl tech h4000
EKH7140IP DEC Mnl power sup.
EKH740DIP DEC Mnl pwr sup ipb
EKKA630UG DEC Mnl mvii user-b
EKKA780TD DEC Mnl ka780 cp te
EKKA785TD DEC Mnl 785 tech de
EKKC780IN DEC Mnl kc780 optio
EKKC780TD DEC Mnl cons intf t
EKKC780UG DEC Mnl kc780 optio
EKKC785TD DEC Mnl cons intfc
EKKD11ZTM DEC Mnl 11/44 sys
EKKD1EAMM DEC Kd-11ea maint m
EKKDJ1AUG DEC Mnl kdj11-a cpu
EKKXTCAHR DEC Mnl kdj11-a use
EKL1218PS DEC Mnl serv pocket
EKLA100IP DEC Mnl ipb la100
EKLA100PS DEC Mnl serv guide l
EKLA120RG DEC Mnl oper ref
EKLA120SV DEC Service guide DEC la120xx
EKLA120UG DEC Mnl users guide
EKLA180IP DEC Mnl ipb la180 p
EKLA180MM DEC Mnl maint la180
EKLA210PS DEC Mnl serv guide p
EKLA210TM DEC Mnl tech
EKLA210UP DEC Mnl install guide
EKLA424SG DEC Service guide
EKLA75PRM DEC Mnl refer l
EKLCP01TM DEC Mnl tech
EKLEP05OM DEC Mnl owners tk5
EKLG02MIP DEC Mnl ipb lg01/lg
EKLK201IP DEC Mnl kybd install lk201
EKLN03AIP001 DEC Mnl parts breakdown
EKLNC02CD DEC Software &
EKLNCO2GS DEC Manual get
EKLNO3ATM DEC TechNICal reference manual
EKLNO8ZSV DEC Service manual
EKLP279IP DEC Illistrated parts guide
EKLPV11OP DEC Mnl lpv11 user
EKLQP03PS DEC Mnl pocket se
EKLQP03UG DEC Mnl install &
EKMA780TD DEC Mnl multi-port
EKMIC11SG DEC Mnl sys maint g
EKMIC11TM DEC Mnl sys tech
EKMM780TD DEC Mnl buffer cach
EKMM785TD DEC Mnl 785 trans b
EKMS730TD DEC Mnl tech ms730
EKMS750IN DEC Mnl ms750 insta
EKMS750TD DEC Mnl tech ms750
EKMS780TD DEC Mnl ms780 memor
EKMSV1SUG DEC Mnl msv11-s
EKMULCPUG DEC Mnl multi-cpu u
EKOLA50PS DEC Mnl serv guide la50
EKOLA50UG DEC Mnl install & u
EKOLA75TM DEC TechNICal manual
EKOLG01IN DEC Mnl inst/oper l
EKOLG01TM DEC Mnl tech lg01
EKOLG02IN DEC Mnl owner lg02
EKOLN03PS DEC Mnl pocket ser
EKOLN03RM DEC Mnl ref ln03
EKOLN03UG DEC Mnl user guide
EKOLP27PS DEC Mnl service gui
EKOLP27TM DEC Mnl tech line p
EKOLP27UG DEC Mnl users guide
EKORA60SV DEC Nl ra60 serv
EKORA80IP DEC Mnl ipb ra80/rua80
EKORA80SV DEC Mnl serv ra80
EKORA80UG DEC Mnl user guide ra80
EKORA81UG DEC Mnl users guide
EKORC25PS DEC Mnl serv pocket
EKORL02IP DEC Mnl ipb rl02
EKORM05IP DEC Mnl ipb rmo5
EKORM05SV DEC Mnl serv
EKORM05UG DEC Mnl users guide
EKORM80IP DEC Mnl ipb rm80
EKORM80PG DEC Mnl serv guide p
EKORM80UG DEC Mnl user guide
EKORX02TM DEC Mnl maint
EKORX02UG DEC Mnl user s
EKOTK25UG DEC Mnl user guide
EKOTK50TM DEC Mnl tech tk50
EKOTK50UG DEC Mnl users gd t
EKOTK70OM DEC Mnl owner
EKOTK70RC DEC Reference card
EKOTK70SM DEC Mnl serv
EKOTS11PS DEC Mnl serv guide pkt
EKOTS11TM DEC Mnl tech subsys
EKOTU58IP DEC Mnl ipb tu58
EKOTU58PS DEC Mnl serv guide tu58 pkt
EKOTU77IP DEC Mnl ipb tu77
EKOTU77PS DEC Mnl serv guide pkt
EKOTU78UG DEC Mnl user guide tu78
EKOTU80TM DEC Mnl tech
EKOTU80UG DEC Mnl users guide
EKOTU81PS DEC Mnl serv tu81 pkt
EKPC100PS DEC Mnl pckt serv g
EKPC238IP DEC Mnl ipb
EKPDP44MC DEC Mnl maint card
EKPS750TD DEC Mnl pwr sys de
EKPS780TD DEC Mnl pwr sys tec
EKRD53ATD DEC Mnl tech rd53
EKRH750TD DEC Mnl tech rh750
EKRH780TD DEC Mnl tech rh780
EKRK067SV DEC Mnl serv rk06/7
EKRLTERPS DEC Mnl serv guide pocket
EKRM023UG DEC Mnl user rm02/0
EKRMADATD DEC Mnl massbus ada
EKRX012PS DEC Guide pocket se
EKRX102RC DEC Card reference
EKS178FIN DEC Mnl 11/780 inst
EKSB100IP DEC Mnl system unit
EKSI75FIN DEC Mnl install
EKSI785IN DEC Mnl 785 install
EKSWRA2IG DEC Manuals (part of alp
EKT25TDIN DEC Mnl install guide
EKTPS20KG001 DEC Prntsrvr sply kit- digital for prntsrve20/turbo
EKTS11AIP DEC Mnl mag tape sys i
EKTSU05IN DEC Mnl install guide
EKTUA78IP DEC Mnl ipb mtu tu78
EKULTRACG DEC Storageworks guidlin
EKULTRAPD DEC Esa array 10000 conf
EKVAXV1HB DEC Mnl maint vol
EKVAXV2HB DEC Mnl maint vol
EKVAXV3HB DEC Mnl maint vol
EKVDX75UG DEC Mnl. diag. sys
EKVR241IN DEC Color video ins
EKVT100IP DEC Mnl ipb vt100
EKVT100RC DEC Mnl prog ref vt100
EKVT100TM DEC Mnl tech vt100
EKVT100UG DEC Mnl users guide vt100
EKVT101IP DEC Mnl vt101 ipb
EKVT102RC DEC Mnl prog ref guide vt102
EKVT125IP DEC Mnl ipb vt125
EKVT131IP DEC Mnl ipb vt131
EKVT220HR DEC Mnl prog pkt gu
EKVT220IN DEC Mnl install gui
EKVT220IP DEC Mnl vt220 parts
EKVT220PS DEC Mnl pkt serv gu
EKVT220RM DEC Mnl prog ref ma
EKVT220TM DEC Mnl tech
EKVT220UG DEC Mnl owners
EKVT240IN DEC Mnl inst. guide
EKVT240UG DEC Mnl owner s
EKVT3XXUP DEC Mnl vt330/vt340
EKVX11DUG DEC Mnl diag user g
EMC3812 DEC Not tested ethernet media convertor with lanview
EOLA31XST DEC La310 starter kit l
EOLA7XXAC DEC Accoustic cover for
EOLQPX2SW DEC Serial interface swi
EOPCXXFCZ DEC Serial interface swi
EOTK50K DEC Refurbished Item (and Cisco Parts)
EQ0167201 DEC Fco rf31t/35/73-o001
ERLA30NSV DEC Service manual DEC la30xx
ERLA310SG DEC Service guide
ERLA400SV DEC Service manual DEC la400xx
ERLA75PTM DEC TechNICal reference manual